Routine services including:-
  • Preparation and filing of Income Tax and Sales Tax Returns.
  • Representing clients during assessment proceedings before the tax authorities.
  • Obtaining assessment orders, reviewing the same and providing advice there on.
  • Filing of appeals at various Income-tax and Sales Tax appellate forum.
  • Advising in connection with the advance payment of tax.
     Specialized services including:-
  • Advisory Services.
  • Researching tax implications of proposed business transactions or new business ventures.
  • Assisting in preparation, and obtaining approval from the concerned bodies for employee’s retirement schemes, such as Provident Fund, Gratuity and Pension Funds.
  • Managing the taxation affairs of client’s personnel. This includes filing of monthly and annual returns relating to personnel on behalf of the client.
  • Tax Planning of Clients
    Obtaining tax exemption certificates for withholding of income tax.


  • Preparation and filing of appeal Appearance before appellate forums.
  • Presentation of the case including submission of verbal and written arguments.
  • Filing of representation before the Federal Tax Ombudsman for maladministration.
  • Preparation and filling up representation to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Follow up of the matters & implementation of the Federal Tax Ombudsman finding.


  • Tax History.
  • Tax profiling Income Tax & Sales Tax.
  • Income profiling for five years
    Working of advance tax for current years.
  • Tax planning for current & upcoming year.
  • Advising on tax variables, changes & updates.
  • Tax saving through tax avoidance.


  • Computation of withholding taxes.
  • Preparation and filing of withholding statement.
  • Preparation of tax reconciliation under Rule 44 with accounting records.
  • Filing of queries raised by Inland Revenue.
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