Our firm is specialized in providing business and intangible asset valuations, financial opinions, financial and strategic analysis, forecasting and transaction support services covering a broad spectrum of industries and situations from early stage through different models.
Our extensive experience in developing asset and business forecasts, and assessing a company’s value and viability in the light of industry trends and global market conditions, enhances the value of our transaction opinions (such as fairness, solvency and collateral valuation opinions), financial opinions (such as purchase price allocation, goodwill impairment and fund portfolio valuation opinions), tax-related opinions, financial and strategic analysis, and transaction support services for parties seeking greater insight and comfort than what is usually provided by competing firms.
Our success is built on the experienced objectivity of our global professionals who possess the requisite credentials and experience to defend our financial advice and opinions, understand our client’s goals, anticipate evolving market trends and deliver excellence to advance each client’s financial and strategic goals.