Nisar Ul Haq & Company - Chartered Accountant


The firm was enrolled with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, under the name and style of Nisar-ul-Haq & Company, certificate of practice as Associate was awarded on 05th day of May, 1992 and fellowship on 21st Dec, 1999.

Nisar ul Haq & Co. Chartered Accountants joined hands with other professions to provide full range of Audit, financial, Information Technology, Tax and Corporate Consultancies to Industry. Our objective is to set up an environment to produce quality professional services based on in-depth analysis of financial statements by our seasoned professionals’ team with a view to implement the vision statement.

The main thrust of the organization is to provide sufficient reliable and timely information to the clients to have efficient and timely decision making of small scale businesses or industry. The firm has also established its association with a firm of chartered Accountants in Pakistan and consulting firm in Dubai. Our firm provide services not only in Pakistan but in Middle East also .The organization also provides off-shore Accounting services to foreign companies and Undertakings


To provide highest standard of professional services relating to Finance, Taxes, HR, Management, Corporate and IM Consultancy to attain TOTAL Customer SATISFACTION to the industry and other organization. Our main objective is to provide supporting services to our clients, which can provide value addition to their business by saving cost, time, piebridge and efforts to plan the businesses in order to have the maximum benefits available under the law of the land.
To provide cost effective business solutions and efficient manpower which can be a business tool for effective business decision making.


This orientation toward integrity and ethical behavior is our integral part. It’s embedded in the way them each make decisions, the way they take action, the way they treat their clients and in the way they treat each other.

Nisar-ul-Haq committed to highest levels of ethics, integrity and quality. This is evidenced by the business practices and client service standards, their leadership behavior and shared values, and most importantly, by the quality of the people they employ. In fact, ethics, integrity and quality are at the core of all the team members we strive to do, not only what is legal, but what is right. Team of Nisar-ul-Haq & co. have high professional and ethical standards and demonstrate these standards every day through the delivery of quality professional services. They understand that doing the right thing means operating within the letter and spirit of laws that govern their professions.



We act with honesty and integrity.

We Operate within the letter and the spirit of applicable laws.

We bring appropriate skills and capabilities to every client assignment.

We are objective in forming our professional opinions and the advice we give.

We respect the confidentiality of information.

We are committed to fair business practices.

We recognize and respect the impact we have on the world around us.

We treat all our colleagues with respect, courtesy and fairness.

We treat all our colleagues with respect, courtesy and fairness.

We strive to add value to our clients Business.